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Writing Help Please (plus a mini progress report)

(wow, is it just me, or has NAG seriously slowed down)


I seriously need to work on my writing skills. I mean, my "real life" friends and family I've shown enjoy my stories, but I seriously think my ability at describing things without making it dull or unfollowable isn't up to par. Especially when it comes to action-y scenes.

Does anymone have any advice for writing action scenes? A lot of my stories revolve around it (which is somewhat odd, because I'm a generally pacifistic person). I can never seem to get them RIGHT. I mean, it seems to drag out and I can't really describe what I want to happen.

A little help, please?

Oh, and Progress-wise:
This week pretty much sucked in general - art, work, and family-wise. Ugh.
Hopefully, I can get back into the swing of things this week, since I have a light work week and everything.

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