A meeting! Imagine that!

Dear NAGgers and NAGlets:

We succeeded in getting together today! I will tell you right off the bat that it was a total joke as far as accomplishing anything goes, but I'm pleased that a few of us actually managed to huddle together under the proud NAG banner once more. A step in the right direction, yeah? thefrumiousjafe had to leave for unforeseen last-minute reasons, but seraravi, boredomkillsme and I had a nice little chat that was more about giblets and rollercoasters than our creative projects.

SO. I'll volunteer to run next week's thang, same bat time, same bat channel. Message GreenJellymoose if you want a part of the action! I'm gonna try mightily to get my Bad Cop face back on and really moderate the meeting like a cool cat, but I know it'll be hard. HELP ME HELP YOU, y'know? To the folks whose stuff I'm meant to be reviewing: please pardon my excruciating slowness, friends and neighbors. I've taken on way too much, as is my wont, and stand petrified before a wall of obligations and intentions.

<3 ALL UR FACES. Be kind. Rewind.


Prosebit: NAG Posting

NOTE: This entry is posted in my journal, but since it's writing, I decided to post it to NAG as well.

I had some spare time today, so I decided to write. I was feeling rusty, however, so I did a random one off instead of working on a bigger project. I'll indent this later, when I'm feeling less lazy.

“I don’t WANT to wear a dress!”
“But Thera, baby, you’ll look so pretty in this. Won’t you please put it on for mommy?”
The small girl tore the pink frills from her mother’s arms. As her mother cried out in shock, the child threw the dress to the ground with a scream and began stomping on it, eyes blazing with crazed fury.
“Honey, honey noooooo!”
“Thera, God damnit, stop that this instant!”
The girl’s mother latched onto her with long, thin fingers, and shoved her aside. Howling with rage, Thera ran forward to her mother and began kicking her in the shins.
Down the hall, two boys, one six and the other thirteen, lounged idly on two sumptuously upholstered chairs. The younger of the two glanced over in the direction of his mother and sister with bored, narrow eyes, then said to his brother with a sigh,
“How long do you suppose it will be before she calls Miss Bianco?
The older boy, tall and athletic, shrugged, staring at the wallpaper.
“I give it another minute or two. I don’t know what Father was thinking, giving her the day off. The woman’s a hag, but he can’t expect Mother to handle Thera on her own. Bianco can barely manage her, and she’s Satan Incarnate.”
The younger boy chuckled unpleasantly, pale eyes glinting.
“Family pictures are always a treat.”
The boy’s eyes snapped to the doorway moments before his three-year-old sister came tearing out of it, completely naked. She was to the staircase by the time their mother came careening from the room. Face flushed, she turned to her sons.
“Don’t just sit there, do something!”
The older boy’s eyes rolled to the steps.
Hey Thera,” he shouted, “back door’s unlocked!”
“You evil little beast!” his mother hissed, making a slap at his face, but hitting the wall instead as he darted his head to one side. She glared her loathing at him for a moment before tearing down the staircase, cursing loudly.
The younger boy turned to his brother, one eyebrow raised.
“You know, I don’t think she’s particularly pleased with you,”
“Nah,” the older boy said, leaning back against the floral paper, “that’s just a term of endearment.”
The two listened as the cacophony of breaking glass and overturned furniture sounded below, interspersed with their mother’s swearing and Thera’s shrieks. Soon after, their mother’s voice carried up the staircase in a piercing screech.
God damnit Thera, NOT THE BACK DOOR!”
The younger boy turned to his brother, nodding approval.
“Nice work, Edward.”
He bowed theatrically from his chair.
“What can I say? It’s a gift, and one to which you can never hope to aspire .”
The younger boy smirked at his brother.
“Really now?”
Looking smug, he rose from his seat and strutted down the staircase. Moments later, he sauntered back up. Edward peered over at him as he returned to his chair.
“What did you do?
He shrugged, thin lips curved into a smile.
“You’ll see soon enough.”
They waited in silence for several minutes, and Edward began to fidget. His younger brother remained perfectly still, pale face haughty.
Then, the voices of Thera and her mother became audible; Thera was screaming her head off, while her mother shouted,
“Stop writhing about like that, it’s unseemly!”
The boys listened as she turned the doorknob; the door did not open.
There was a moment’s silence, followed by a rattle as she yanked at the knob again. Then, they air filled with the sound of pouting fists, and their mother cried,
Edward gazed down at his brother, slowly shaking his head as he grinned.
“It appears I stand corrected. Excellent job, Devon; it seems I taught you well.”
Devon raised an arched eyebrow.
“Taught me? Please. That came naturally.”
Edward abruptly cuffed his ear, then sprang up.
“You tell yourself whatever you want, Dev,” he said, sneering down at his seething brother, “but we both know you wouldn’t be anything if it wasn’t for me.”
Devon hung back as his brother ambled down the staircase. There was nothing good-humored about the glint in his eyes.

Writing Help Please (plus a mini progress report)

(wow, is it just me, or has NAG seriously slowed down)


I seriously need to work on my writing skills. I mean, my "real life" friends and family I've shown enjoy my stories, but I seriously think my ability at describing things without making it dull or unfollowable isn't up to par. Especially when it comes to action-y scenes.

Does anymone have any advice for writing action scenes? A lot of my stories revolve around it (which is somewhat odd, because I'm a generally pacifistic person). I can never seem to get them RIGHT. I mean, it seems to drag out and I can't really describe what I want to happen.

A little help, please?

Oh, and Progress-wise:
This week pretty much sucked in general - art, work, and family-wise. Ugh.
Hopefully, I can get back into the swing of things this week, since I have a light work week and everything.

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Saturday meeting--A NO-GO

So things just didn't come together this week AND I APOLOGIZE, I've been letting my NAG-attention slip. So we'll just say we had this week off. As shadizilla pointed out to me, everybody's just now getting back into school and some of us are still trying to get into new schedules. Not gonna lie, it sucks. So if you're LIKE ME and didn't finish all of last week's homework, this is your chance to keep chuggin' on it! BE PRODUCTIVE, KIDS.

I'm gonna go into a coma now. <3


New Idea (Untitled Story): Chapter 2

Whoot! Chapter 2 is ready!

Again, any feedback at all would be greatly appreciated, however small. Also, I'd especially love any comments in regards to how the characters come across, how you respond to them, if their names fit or not, how the dialoge is, if you can keep track of who is who, and the like. This is also posted on the NAG forum. In both cases, the line breaks are added for readability, but are not part of the actual file this is written in.

Italics will be re-added later, because I'm too lazy to do it now.

Thank you all! <3

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Sfe - Tiny!Sfé (by Kory)

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Because they are the only things in life that make me feel like I'm cool.

Basically the whole point of this post is to say that OH MY GOD I have finally finished editing and revising White Fox, and without relying on some sort of outside editing source to pick it apart IT IS DONE!
Of course what that now means is that I'm on the search for someone who is interested in reading it and telling me what they think. I have basically rewritten the last 18 pages in the past few days, so my brain has lodged itself into a "DON'T TOUCH IT IT'S PERFECT/WHAT ARE YOU DOING REWRITE THE WHOLE THING" niche that I can't get out of without relying on some outside source.

So what I'm saying is that if ANYBODY is willing to give it a read and tell me what they think, well I'd just love that. I realize that it clocks in at a ridiculous 34 pages (15 000 someodd words- which is definitely not the most I've ever written at any one time, but it is the most I've ever polished into a semi-completed stage) and that is a pretty big discourager, BUT Y'KNOW IT WOULD BE SO NICE IF SOMEONE WOULD HELP ME OUT. JUST SAYIN'.

As per my other goals from two weeks ago:
COfCCatPPSco tiny lineup - a tiny lineup of my drag/glam band. I've yet to draw the fourth member (she hinges on Kory's design skills) but it is a start! Now to begin writing the story!
Johnny-Alex of the Jerk Lads - I am obscenely unhappy with this and may have to redraw it at another time. BUT AT LEAST I FINISHED IT.
Brett Brecht (fight club bio) - I finally did a detailed character biography for Brett to help Jenny and I get back on track with out fight club collaboration! SCORE. (technically this was a goal for this week, but y'know whatever.)

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Weekly Update

Well, my week went fairly good, goal-wise:

I finished all of my X Drawings; they're nice and shiney, and everything. That goal has totally been pwned! 

I did PRETTY good with the Basil outlining. If I hadn't mentioned, it's one of my crazy Fantasy stories because Fantasy is more fun for me. It's still really rough around the edges, so I'll probably continue working on it before I even think about writing the begining (I always write that beging). I've been writting bits here and there. Anyroad, I'll probablly work on that a lot more.

As for drawing, well, ... Mrs. Bower changed due dates on the X project for us, so I really didn't have the time to do anything outside of school art. I had to do a few at home, anyways, and working and getting sick messed things up. Ah well, I doodle mucho, so that counts for SOMETHING.

I made up some of my own goals:
-work more on Basil and Co.
-write some more of my Angel story and (maybe) figure out a working title

Working has sucked. I had to work today and that made me bad, but (thankfully), I only work half the day tomorrow 'cuz I worked today. Woohoo! Hopefully, I can get on DA and dwindle down my messages.
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Souh. I've done the incredibly stupid thing of joining the work force. Souh. I didn't even know what day it was when I went to bed, or when I woke up or even right now, but according to the posts below me, it is Saturday. Which means I totally missed the NAGmeeting.

Anyway. Uh. My week, this past one, was totally shitty and stuff and I've been thinking that perhaps I won't be able to continue being a part of this community. Which really sucks hard, but I think it might be for the best. I wasn't even all that active anyway =/

Souh. I'mma miss you peeps. And feel free to IM me at anyyy time <33
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Goals 9/8

I volunteered last minute to run this week's meeting with my TERRIBLE COMPUTER HANGOVER so it was kind of a sham, but some people got help and we got some goals down, so hey, it beats a slap with a mackeral! I kind of feel like I was irritatingly wordy and annoying today--I HOPE THAT'S JUST PARANOIA. I talked a lot and I apologize if I was talking over people or not paying attention to your messages or stuff like that. <3, A'IGHT?

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I'm hoping we get back on track and continue to tighten things up and get organized. Real sorry to people who missed out! I called the meeting off early 'cause peeps were AFK and I don't feel well. WATER UNDER THE BRIDGE, OKAY? Thanks for putting up with me!